Poet Showcase: An Anthology of New Hampshire Poets (Hobblebush Books): “Nightcrawlers

Not Somewhere Else but Here: A Contemporary Anthology of Women and Place  (Sundress Publications): “Homing”

Mad to Live, Erased (Matter Press): “Ats and Alls”

ABZ Press: Salt
Arsenic Lobster:
Stonetown; Threads of a Past Life; On the Night of her Wake
Barn Owl Review: Mixed Media
Blood Orange Review: Just Last Week; Departure
Bloodroot Magazine: Whaler
Breakwater Review: Street Music
Buckle &: Penelope; Zoetrope
Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press: Alternate Past (forthcoming)
Cave Wall Press: Nightcrawlers; Towards a Music, Charmed; Suite of Summer Letters
Cerise Press: Gathering Gods; Lake Effect; Roe Fallow and Red Deer
Cider Press Review: And So This
Cimarron Review: Messier 31
Conte: Tacoma Apothecary (audio)
Crab Orchard Review: Starling
Crazyhorse: A Graveyard up through Which Woods Have Grown
DIAGRAM: Bloodletting
Dos Passos Review: A Night in Fenwick
E-Verse Radio: All-night T.V.
Fringe: 21st Century Sappho; Deer Leg in a Tree; Gull Body on the Beach
Front Porch Journal: Solo for the Flute; Voice in the Reeds
Grist, The Journal for Writers: Summer Requiem
Harpur Palate: Blind Minotaur Guided by a Young Girl
Hayden’s Ferry Review: Burlesque Acoustic; Blue, Orange, Red
Inch: Sea Shards
Inertia Magazine: Ricochet
Interpoezia: Radio Zagreb
Lunarosity: Backyard Constellation
Matter Press: Dory
New Ohio Review: Opening the Cottage
Nimrod International Journal: Dinner Party
Painted Bride Quarterly: Doing the Dishes; Every Ounce of its Corpse Unstable
Poemeleon: Djembe Drum
Presence: A Journal of Spiritual Direction: Graft
Qarrtsiluni: A Night in New York (audio)
Silk Road Review: On the Hill, Music
Symbiosis: Dwelling of Stone
Soli/dus: Notes on a Summer Storm; In the Far Back Window; Thaw; Summer Music School, Kiss Redux; Selling Books Under Waterloo Bridge; Blue Nude
Sojourn: Master of the Vyssi Brod Altar
Sugar Mule: April Elegy; Lapwing; Six am
Survivor’s Review: Indian Pudding
The Baltimore Review: Homing
The Bitter Oleander: Changing Hands
The Midwest Quarterly: Common Knowledge
The Other Journal: Tomatoes of Kobarid
The Swamp: And So On; The Sleepers; Benandanti
Third Coast: 22 Declarations of Purity; Postmortem
Toad: The Street Gods, The Fire Eater
Unbound Press
: Darwinian Cloud; Highway Fugue; Saturday in SanLorenzo; Tale of Misfortune and Beginning
Valparaiso Poetry Review: Elegant Wreckage
Visions International: Mistral; Santa Ana Wind
Zone 3: Whenever Night