A new chapbook of poems by Christina Cook, published by Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press. Purchase via email request to editor, Kyle Laws, at

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Sample poem:
Tacoma Apothecary

Jars, beakers, bottles; matte leather and glossy dark wood.
Either cayenne gin or vodka steeped in saffron and cardamom

bitters. Never mind how he looked sort of sad when he drank:
he felt a flowering push up through the fine chainmail

he wore under his purple checked Prada shirt. Never mind
what woman had bought it for him twenty years before:

juniper bloomed like tattoos from his chest and the fever
from loving her dropped to a low hum that steadied his pulse;

or was that the cayenne in the gin; right then he decided
to forge a flight of nickel steps to heaven for her, which she

no doubt would pronounce a gimmick: she’d see right through
his “final offer,” not bothering to look up from the silent film

with German subtitles she was watching in bed. At night he’d dream
she wore only lipstick and feathers while the wind reached

through him his whole way home from the bar. His mantra
was metal, and his shadow clinked with the weight of the human
predicament he found himself in, again and again and again.

~ text and audio recording originally published in Conte Magazine


Hot off the Press:
Poet Showcase: An Anthology of New Hampshire Poets
Edited by Alice B. Fogel and Sidney Hall Jr.

My work is included in this wonderful new anthology of New Hampshire
poets. . . makes me a bit nostalgic for the long snowy winters and pine-
scented summers that inspired my writing for over a decade.

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Fiona Sze-Lorrain’s new book of poems, The Ruined Elegance, is gorgeous and thought-provoking. Visit The Rumpus to read my review of it.

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Saturday, November 21, 4 – 6 pm
Gross McCleaf Gallery127 S 16th St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

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A joint reading of seven Philadelphia-area poets will be followed by nibbles, wine, and book signings, all surrounded by the exquisite work of painter and University of Pennsylvania fine arts faculty member Deirdre Murphy.

The poets include: former Montgomery County Laureate Kristina Moriconi, Temple creative writing faculty Pattie McCarthy and Kevin Varrone, UPenn creative writing faculty Michelle Taransky, Philadelphia poets Mara Adamitz Scupe and Christina Cook, & Cherry Hill poet Dave Worrell.



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Coming up: November 7 at 5:00pm
Book Launch for Poet Showcase: An Anthology of New Hampshire Writers
Hosted by Hobblebush Books, at The Barley House, Concord, NH

I won’t make it up north to read, but other contributing poets will, and it promises to be a terrific evening of poetry by New Hampshire’s finest.


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Maureen Alsop’s latest collection, Mirror Inside Coffin, is a luminous must-read. Visit the current issue of Cutbank Literary Magazine to read my review of it~


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Coming up: September 25 at 7:15pm
Poetry Aloud and Alive Reading Series
Hosted by the Mad Poets Society
at the Big Blue Marble Bookstore
Philadelphia, PA
Christina Cook, featured poet


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Hot off the Press:
Erasures of Randall Brown‘s flash fiction by Christina Cook, Maureen Alsop, and 16 other wild eraser-wielding poets

Mad to Live: Erasures
In 2008, Flume Press published the flash fiction prose collection Mad to Live. In 2015, eighteen poets erased it.